July 22, 2024


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Why the farm visit to Njoro and not anywhere else?

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Many ask why we decided to take our farm visit to Njoro and not any other place else where, some ask which criteria we used. Here is the justification to show you the value of the visit:

  1. The area of land in Njoro farm is barely an acre, which is the size that most small scale farmers have at the moment. The intensiveness and financial engagement involved in an acre of land is affordable to most small scale and start up farmers.

  2. The farm utilizes all its resources to the maximum. The farmer practices mixed farming on the piece of land sustainably, something most farmers ought to achieve.

  3. The farmer has progressively learnt the the ropes and tricks in solving common farming problems first hand and is willing to share.

  4. There is a unique aspect of dog farming that farmers can learn and implement for great returns.

  5. There is mechanization in the farm, mechanization that is affordable for farmers but they may not know its importance.

  6. All those who participate will be enrolled in a larger network of like minded farmers so that they can share, network and grow their capacities in their individual goals. This larger network will grow progressively grow since with our monthly visits to other farmers, new like minded individuals will be added.

  7. You will get the opportunity to see various simple machines on display and get knowledge of how they work and where to purchase them from.

  8. You will get a chance to learn how the farmer is able to sustain feed program for his dairy cattle through out the year without any strain.

Additionally you will be exposed to the beauty and of farming, ranging from ornamental birds, attack dogs, ornamental dogs among others.

It will be a day to learn, come with your mind open to new ideas, to network and  grow capacity because you will be getting lessons from people who have experienced this first hand.

We also welcome all marketers willing to market their farm related implements and resources for the day.

Booking fees is KShs 5000/= only

Payment is via mpesa to 0729586748

Fill your details here

Get your official receipt and be ready for the lesson.

All correspondence to be addressed to 0729586748 or info@agritours.co.ke


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