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Horticultural farm exposure visit Juja ( tree tomatoes, tomatoes, capsicums, permaculture and cucumber)

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Theme: Horticulture for  returns in agribusiness. Juja farm exposure visit
Venue: Juja Farm.
Date: 16th July 2016
The farm has several enterprise units that are of interest to upcoming and experienced farmers.
1. Greenhouses
Cucumber: (6 greenhouses 500gms cucumber seeds @2300 harvesting as much as 1000kgs @Ksh.30 per Kg Capsicums:The farm has  3 greenhouses with Capscicums (Red and Yellow) harvesting 800kgs per month each going for Ksh.70-100 per kg
Tomatoes: 400kg harvest per week @Ksh. 50 per kg.
This comprises of 19 green houses with cucumbers, Capscicums and tomatoes. All the details on crop management (Cucumber, Capscicums and Tomatoes) will be given and a Q/A section will be sloted to allow detailed knowledge of this. The farm uses drip irrigation and it’s advantages and care will be explained.
2. Permaculture 
The farm plans to go organic in a few years time and as such has a this section is vital. The details on feeding them and making organic manure will be explained to the latter.
3. Man made dam
This section provides water to the greenhouses all through that has helped in many ways such as cost cutting.
4. Tree tomato section
The methodology on how to plant and take care of tree tomatoes to give one maximum produce will be explained, the tree tomatoes are in the planting stage.
Experts from Drispol company will be on the ground to give more insights on drip irrigation
Lunch and transport (to and fro) will be provided. We will meet at Jeevan Jee Gardens Nairobi at 7:30 Am.
NB: We encourage our clients to travel in our vans since most of the networks are made there.
Charges for the whole package Kshs. 4500.00 to be paid via Mpesa to 0729586748.
Fill in your details on the form below upon payment so that we can process your receipt

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