July 17, 2024


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1000 Pumps for Ugandan Farmers Facing Drought

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1000 lt water pumps were submitted to the authorities with a ceremony that took place in Kapelebyong

Ugandan authorities on behalf of the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) Office received 1000 pedal-powered water pumps from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA). The water pumps are going to be distributed to the farmers in the Teso region. This was during a ceremony in Kapelebyong.

Musa Echweru, the Minister of Works and Transport, deputies of Kapelebyong, Amuria, and Katakwi, Teso representatives of OWC, and Ömer Aykon, TİKA’s Coordinator in Uganda participated in the ceremony.

Thanks to TİKA for the pumps

Mr. Echweru indicated that the region has been combatting drought for years, and he thanked TİKA for this meaningful support.

Echweru said, “Of course, we have neither the power nor the capacity to make it rain. That is the Creator’s job; however, we have the power, capacity, and mind to seek solutions. Happily, OWC contacted TİKA, the helping hand of this brother country. Today what you see here is not only your own future but your children’s as well. Let’s bring life to our fertile land in this period of drought and then reap the fruits! The Republic of Türkiye has come and reached us from very far. Let’s turn this into an opportunity.”

About the Teso region

There are 45 water pumps that 135 farmers commonly use. In the drought period, the farmers use their hands to fetch the groundwater, and in this way, it is estimated that the water loss, which is now around 60%, will decrease to 25%. 

In this region, people grow cassava, a type of root vegetable, in addition to onion, corn, and wheat. 

The project will be followed up by OWC, which works under the Presidency. OWC will be keeping 6 month-reports. The target is to become the biggest cassava supplier in the country by the third year of the project.

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