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How to minimize and understand tomato fruit disorders to ensure good crop quality (in photos)

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The minimization of fruit disorders will also ensure good crop quality, the following practices are recommended for tomatoes so as to ensure good fruit quality.

  • Blossom End Rot (BER) will be minimized by avoiding large fluctuations in water deficits. Mulching to conserve moisture in field tomato crops can help.
  • Image result for blossom end rot
  • Similarly, in a greenhouse environment, maintaining a steady transpiration rate through night and day humidity control can help reduce the incidence of BER.
  • Blotchy ripening is more common under low light or heavy vegetative growth due to low temperatures, excess of water, or low salinity. It can be minimized by changing the irrigation regime(The raten number and time of water application to crops) and by leaf pruning.
Image result for blotchy ripening in tomato
Blotchy ripening in tomato photo courtesy https://www.pinterest.com/explore/tomato-plant-diseases/
  • Sunscald can be reduced by increasing leaf shading of the fruit by careful water and crop protection management techniques. Increased planting density and variety choice can also help.
Image result for sun scald in tomatoes
Image source: https://www.groworganic.com sunscald in tomatoes
  • Cracking and russeting of the fruit is made worse by fluctuations in water supply.
Image result for cracking and russeting in tomatoes
https://www.rhs.org.uk Cracking and russeting in tomatoes
  • Puffiness is associated with low light and low temperature conditions. Thinning, and preventing prolific vegetative growth or shading can minimize this disorder. Get tomato certified seedlings from here
Image result for puffiness in tomato
Image sourcehttps://www.groworganic.com

This article has been modified from http://www.yara.us by our agronomist as it provides some of the est practices in tomato production. If you may want to access our agronomist, please foll in the form beloww and we shall contact you soon:

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