July 12, 2024


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Dr. Matiangi emphasizes on new curriculum approach to agribusiness

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vice Chancellor Strathmore University, CS Education, Hon Fred Matiangi, CEO KAAA, Lucy Muchoki, Dean strathmore school, Dr Njenga Image source: KENYA AGRIBUSINESS SME’s platform

Agriculture is the key economic activity of Kenya as a country and hence there is need to have practical curriculum in our schools  so that agribusiness can be well instilled in the in youths as they grow as was clearly brought out by Dr. Matiangi during the recently concluded workshop at the Strathmore business school. The discussions were based on how best Kenyans can engage the university students in Agribusiness.

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“Are our students fully equipped? What need to be done?” pondered Dr Matiangi! He emphasized the need of ensuring Agriculture is not anymore a place to go just for leisure or a show-off to fellow villagers that one has a farm. He stressed the need of ensuring the curriculum is relevant, practical and prepares our students for real Agribusiness as a source of Economic development. Agribusiness is the biggest opportunity for our youth.

It is however saddening to note that most youths still opt for white collar jobs. This is evidenced by the major rural urban migration taking place and agriculture being seen as a dirty and poor mans job. There is need for attitude change among youths and focus should be drawn to viewing farming as a business hence agribusiness. Policies favoring youths in agribusiness and generally farmers should be adopted so as to encourage and subsidize the economic activity so as to strengthen the general economy of the country and improve its GDP.


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