July 22, 2024


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The Limuru farm visit was one of a kind

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The Limuru farm exposure  visit was one of a kind, giving more than anticipated to the participants. It was graced by practicing agripreneurs  from diverse and rich backgrounds, willing to share and build each others capacities in a big way. The insightful hands on guide Mr. Ngatia amazed the audience with his all round knowledge on the mixed farm combining dairy, sheep, horticulture among other enterprises. Loreto Farm in Limuru town happens to be a great learning platform for farmers willing to learn organic farming as they produce export standards.

Interesting enough, the broader Kenya was represented, ranging from Western Kenya representatives, as far as from Busia to representatives from Limuru town too. Majority of those present were youths and their understanding to technology and just how much it can impact agriculture positively was impressive and encouraging. We were privileged to share the platform with Mr. Alex Mugo, founder Ukulima digital platform  which aims to help farmers network and seek solutions from discussions online.

Epicenter Africa also shared their solar pumping products using a demo on site. It was fascinating to see it work even with the cold Limuru weather. The pumps have the capacity to lift water from depths of up to 300meters in boreholes and they are quite affordable for most pumping needs plus they are of zero maintenance.

Dripsol Cmpany was also well represented by Mr. David Weru and he gave insights on efficient drip irrigation designs. This was an eye opener to those already using the systems.

Finally, late lunch came and wow, Colley rose caterers wowed the participants with their tasty mukimo delicacy plus chicken and stews, not forgeting the chapatis. It was a fun and learning day out, Ensure you don’t miss our next visit. Subscribe to our site.    See selected photos of the visit here:

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