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Rironi Horticultural and seedlings propagation exposure visit.

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Agritours welcomes you to an exposure visit in Rironi along Nairobi Naivasha Highway approximately 30kms from Nairobi.

Farm Location: Limuru, Kenya

Farm size: 3 acres

Source of water: Borehole

Practical lessons will be on the following key areas:

  1. Commercial Nursery services (capsicums, brocolli, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach  among others on prior booking). Additionally, the farm is registered by  as a Horticultural Nursery and Mother block thus provides professional services in germination and nursery care for seedlings of different variety of crops.
  2. Strawberry (Chandler variety) propagation, cultivation and packaging ready for the market. The strawberries grow outdoors under drip irrigation and the owner uses nets during the harvesting period to prevent pests from eating the ready fruits.
  3. Tomato, capsicum, pepino melon,   propagation, cultivation and sales. Tomatoes and capsicums are grow in green houses while pepino melons are grow outdoors.

Good farming practices at the farm:

  1. The farmer uses mulching for open field straw berries to prevent water loss through evaporation.
  2. Drip irrigation both in greenhouses and open field are practiced. see more details on Drip irrigation here
  3. Controlled environment is observed in greenhouses. Disinfectants are used at entry points to prevent crop diseases’ spread.
  4. Organized management and efficient plant care schedules through out the season.
  5. Standard, well maintained green house structures, drip irrigation system and storage points.


The farm has a company like organizational structure led by a farm manager who oversees all activities in the farm  with the help of casual labourers all who have assigned and timely goals through out the season. The farm manager directly reports to the owner of the farm.

Date of the visit: 23rd September 2017

Venue: Grace Rock Farm, Rironi

Charges: 2100 per head to cater for the training and lunch

Payments made via mpesa in advance to 0729586748 and register in the form below so that we  can issue you an official receipt.

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