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Silk fowl, ornamental poultry:

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Silk Fowl or often called “Silkie” are most likely originated from China and have a hair like plumage, not unlike that of an angora rabbit.      Many different colours exist, almost any from pure white to pure black are known. They cannot fly and therefore can be kept in gardens or enclosures with low fences. 

Their hair like plumage is not waterproof which makes them quite sensitive to dampening in rainy and wet weather conditions. They always must have access to some weatherproof housing when kept in the open. Their skin is of a dark blue almost black colour and this colour extends to their flesh and bonewhich does not make them the best choice for slaughter, and especially the bantam variety of silkie is also much smaller insize than ordinary chicken. They have five toes instead of the usual four.They have a wonderful docile character and quite temperament which makes them the ideal pet, even for young children. They are not aggressive in nature and should not be kept in the same enclosure as more dominant breeds. Silkie hen´exceptional broodiness makes them ideal foster mothers for hatching eggs and rearing young from other breed


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