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Biogas… The way to go

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The Flexi biogas,
This is a new technology bio-digester that takes away the need for digging or any form of construction. Our systems are prefabricated and installs in as few as three hours.
 With our system you don’t need to own a cow. The systems run on any and all bio-degradable materials such as kitchen scraps, garden weeds, chicken poop, market waste, etc. Users can buy / barter trade cow dung from you neighbours in exchange for bio-fertiliser. Dung from a single cow will produce all the cooking fuel necessary for the typical 6 – 8 member homestead. This is made possible by the high level of efficiency associated with the technology where you only require 1/5th  the feedstock for the same daily gas production as conventional technologies.
(To learn more about biogas and its benefits, take part in our farm visit, see details here)
To mention a few advantages of FlexiTech –
1.      No construction
Flexi Biogas systems are prefabricated and install in a few hours for domestic models, and only a few days for commercial systems.

2.      Efficiency unmatched
FlexiTech employs “True Cross-flow” fermentation, which means that what goes in one end is fully processed before exiting the other. This also meant 100% of the biogas being captured making FlexiTech the GREENEST biogas plant design yet.

3.      Quick Start-up
After installation, the systems will have useable volumes of gas within 3 – 5 days, and are normally in full production within 10 – 14 days

4.      Rich Organic Fertiliser
As we all are aware, fertile soil is the key most important component in the production of quality foods. In developing countries, fertiliser is also most expensive input in crop production. 
Not with FlexiTech. To add to the list of advantages of the system, the overflowing bio-slurry from the system is a highly nutritious fertilizers, and ready for absorption by plants without ”burning the plants”. Diluted 1:5 or 1:10, it is applied as a top dressing or sprayed as a folia feed; Sprayed on, it has also proven extremely effective to be an insect and pest repellent.
Below are the different size systems that we produce at a domestic level:
Ø  The first one is called a DBG at a cost of ksh 46,000/- (USD 460) which is ideal for a domestic home with up to six household members.
Ø  The Second & the medium system is the BG5, ideal for a home with up to Eight household members at Ksh 61,000/- (USD 610).
Ø  The Large system is a BG6 with a capacity to handle up to 15 house hold members at Ksh 76,000/- (USD 760).
Our prices are inclusive of the bio-digester and all its components, up to 20m of piping to the point of use, double burner Ramtons for the BG6 & BG5, and a single burner for the DBG.
Please note, these prices are not inclusive of transport or installation charges which are charged depending on the logistics of getting to the site. To avoid paying for transport & installation costs, clients have the option to collect their system and our technician(s), take them on sight to carry out the installation. The system fits in a standard saloon vehicle. The client covers any associated costs such as meals, over nights, and return fairs for the crew.
Your system of choice will depend on your energy requirements. As a general guide, model DBG is designed only for cooking, BG5 are designed to handle all cooking and heating needs for a number of people in a household as mentioned above. The model BG6 is designed to do more than just cooking and heating, with this system you can run small machineries, chaff cutting, brooding and many other applications.
At a commercial level, we have  developed large scale systems of virtually any capacity branded T-Rex, we custom build according to the clients requirements. As a guide, the T-15 running on 300 kg of dung has the capacity to produce over 15,000 lts of gas per day. This is the baby of the T-Rex range. The largest being a M50. Being prefab & portable, for larger capacity we recommend modular scaling. 
 Source: http://biogas.co.ke/


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