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Reasons why you should take part in the Horticultural exposure visit in Juja.

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Saturday 16th July 2016 is the day: this is what you should expect in the horticultural exposure visit in Juja farm:
1. Know more about Agricultural financing via AFC bank on the ground.
2. Green house horticultural farming exposure (tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers)
3. Tree tomatoes farming ( open field)
4. Water harvesting.
5. Permaculture ( use of worms to make organic manure)
6. Delicious lunch and facilitation.
7. Relevant networks afterwards..
Charges Ksh 2500 for self driving and Ksh 4500 if using our transport.
See more details>>http://www.agritours.co.ke/727-2/
NB: We have only four spaces remaining

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