July 22, 2024


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Is your pig farm up to the challenge?

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Pig farming is an enterprise that many young people intend to engage in. At Agritours, we wish to do an on site exposure visit for pig farming for one day in your farm.

Does your farm fit? Here are the requirements:

  1. Willingness to sharing information
  2. Good animal husbandry practices.
  3. At least 500 pigs.
  4. Simple and affordable structures.
  5. 8 hours of your day.
  6. At least 2 years experience in rearing the pigs

What do you benefit from this as the farm owner:

  1. Get a network of upcoming and experienced pig farmers to share information with.
  2. Get an allowance for the day.
  3. Get more market for your pigs.

If you feel we can partner, kindly fill the form below and we shall get back to you

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