July 17, 2024


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Planned Visits.

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Greetings our esteemed clients. We trust you have been keeping well.
Knowledge and information are one of the most powerful tools known to mankind. Investment in knowledge therefore becomes crucial to a farmer or player in the agricultural value chain. We at agritours realize the key role knowledge plays in agricultural development. In view of this,here are our planned visits in the month of July.

1. Did you know that horticulture is one of the greatest contributor of foreign income in Kenya? As such it then becomes imperative to learn on all the technologies involved in horticultural farming and network with other farmers to share ideas and experiences. In line with this, we have organized a horticultural exposure trip to Juja. The farm boasts of 19 greenhouses and plans to expand even more in a few years to come. They deal in commercial cultivation of Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Capsicums. There is also a section of young tree tomatoes where you’ll be taught on their correct propagation for maximum returns. A Permiculture section in light of going completely organic in a few years to come has been developed. The farm has all year water supply from a dam that they built. We are organizing on having other stakeholders in the agricultural industry to provide information on farm machinery on the same day! Charges are Ksh. 4500 per person to cater for transport, training/facilitation and lunch and snacks. Date 16th July

2. Farming is an art and a science. An art because it entails creativity and design and a science because it requires in depth analysis of soil and crop behavior. Hydroponics is one farming practice that combines these two like no other. It enables space utilization, environmental conservation and lower production costs among many other advantages. Farmers in Kenya need to embrace this technology so as to contribute more effectively towards food security. It is based on this that we have organized for a visit to a hydroponics farm that grows leeks, lettuce, strawberries,tomatoes and animal fodder among many other enterprise units. It is scheduled to happen on 23rd July at a costs of Ksh. 5000 to cater for transport, facilitation/training and lunch and snacks.

If you wish to cater for your own transport for both trips, it will be Ksh.2500.

As Robert Arnott said; “In investing, what is comfortable is rarely ever profitable”, all the best as you purpose to join us. Call 0729 586748 for more details or visit www.agritours.co.ke

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