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What you will need during the farm visit:

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Our farm visit promises  quality hands on experience in agribusiness to both start up farmers and experienced farmers. Some lessons are better learnt visually and practically rather than theoretically. Our farm visit will be taking place on 23 January 2016 and we shall be heading to Njoro. Among the lessons that will be in place include: poultry: ornamental birds like silk fowl, guinea fowl and turkey, Dairy farming, bio gas operation and benefits, affordable sheep rearing, drip irrigation system operation and maintenance and basic farm mechanization with a tractor.

Apart from the learning experience, we shall give a platform for socialization and networking with other farmers and kick start a working agripreneur network to help the farmers even after the event. This will go a long way in cementing the relationship between the farmers and build their capacities in their agripreneur ventures.

This are among other things that all attending farmers will need:

>A note book

>A camera

>A sober mind


>Business cards

>Upon payment of booking fee, be at Jeevanjee gardens by 7.30am

We are looking forward to a great learning experience, be a part of it. see more details here or call us through 0729586748 for bookings



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  1. Hello Dan, we are charging Kshs 5,000 for the day, this will cater for transport, snack at the farm, farm entry fees, and transport back to Nairobi. Kindly call us on 0729586748 for more details

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