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Why go to the Makindu Farm visit on February 20th

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Makindu is a dry town as you travel down to Mombasa from Nairobi, It is characterized by dry spells as it is part of Ukambani. On 20th February 2016, Agritours team plans to visit a farm in Darko Girls secondary school in Makindu. This is a rather interesting farm as it shelters more than 300 girls, more over, it has a 14 acre drip irrigation installation powered by a solar pump.

Why this farm? This farm serves as proof that renewable sources of energy can be used to power pumps for irrigation and domestic use. We have partnered with Epicenter Trading who are the major importers of reliable solar pumps in East Africa in order to show farmers the potential, affordability and impact of solar powered pumps and solutions. We hope to put up a platform where farmers can gather information on solar pumps on practical basis.  We will pass by Epicenter show room as we head to the farm where an actual solar pump is operational. This solar pump is providing enough water to feed a secondary school and 14 acres of drip irrigation previously installed by Dripsol CompanyEpicentre Trading

We want farmers to know the options, prices, payback on investment that exists when it comes to pumping systems, factors to consider while buying a pump, choosing the right pump for the right purpose and the best maintenance  prices. You will be surprised just how affordable solar pumps can be.

We also want them to know the right crops to plant in such arid and semi arid areas under irrigation. We want this to be the best learning experience of all time as experienced in our previous farm visit in Njoro on January 23rd 2016.

See more details on the farm visit here

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