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6 Steps to follow while investing in drip irrigation

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6 Steps to follow while investing in drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is the most efficient mode of irrigation currently in Kenya. Most farmers are investing in drip kits from local suppliers . Being an expert in that field, i felt farmers should take following necessary steps while investing in drip kits:

  1. Drip irrigation installations are cost intensive, it is therefore necessary to plan ahead for the same up front. With an acre averaging at Ksh. 130,000/=, it is important to engage professionals in the activity.
  2. A pre visit to your farm should be the first step before any installation. Here, you should engage a water or agricultural engineer. The engineer will be able to collect data; farm size, dimensions, slopes, and come up with the most economical and effective design  and a list of materials that will be required for the project.
  3. After getting this list, you can be able to come up with a feasible estimate cost of the whole drip irrigation project and plan effectively for take off.
  4. Involve a qualified plumber/technician to undertake the project as per the engineers design so as to ensure minimal leakages and uniformity of application of water to all plants.
  5. Ensure that the system is tested after installation and that your contract has an after service clause that favours you.
  6. Get the help of an agronomist during the full growth period of your crops.

With these steps, you will never go wrong. Would you want help with your drip irrigation project? contact us in the form below, we will be glad to support.

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  1. Am looking for an agronomist or engineer to assist in designing a drip irrigation system for my farm in kiserian.

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