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The Summary of Juja horticultural exposure visit

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Juja Farm in Juja Kiambu county is a relatively dry area with black cotton soil. On Saturday 17th July 2016 we held  an insightful exposure visit to Agricultural concepts inc. This is a farm awaiting USAID demo certification for dry land farming.

The main aim was to practically learn about the innovations and and challenges that farmers face during the implementation at on set of basic activities. Lots of  new farming technologies were observed, they ranged from horticultural crops like cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicums to vermiculture, permaculture, poultry and rabbitry.  Run off water harvesting was also seen in practice.

The farmer has innovatively used alot of materials which could be identified as waste to fabricate hydroponic and tunnel structures. The farm provides a great basis of learning as the owners started from scratch.

The farm is not without challenges… Mrs Gladys explained that Nematodes in the greenhouses were the major menace and insisted on soil testing before any horticultural investment. Pests like tuta absoluta and white flies also form a major challenge. Disease outbreaks like downy mildew among others have been well handled. On the bottom line, Mr Patrick, the owner of the farm said; the best  agricultural teacher is a farmer who is willing to take risks to learn.

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