July 14, 2024


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Network with other farmers to learn, Are you networthy?

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It does not pay to live alone in the dark, one needs to move out of their comfort zone, network with like minded people, learn the basics and shoot to growth. When one thinks of agribusiness, they sometimes think it is a smooth road where one just reaps after a small wait. The bare truth is that agribusiness is not for the weak, think of a farmer who has waited for three months to harvest tomatoes only for them to be attacked by leafminer! or one who waited for almost an year only for his daily cow to give birth to a still birth! Fact: Its not always easy!


My aim is not to discourage anyone into these agribusiness ventures but rather give them the truth of the matter. As in any business, there is always one factor that is only too common but mostly overlooked: Return on investment… Most people treat agribusiness as a hobby only to realize later that it has its major losses in terms of both time and money if the correct calculations on the same are not done. So is any other business. Most successful agribusinessmen are therefore very calculative and have a passion for what they do. And it mostly involves growing and nurturing something for a given period of time always. This explain why most successful agripreneurs are teachers and women because they understand exactly what nurturing is and the time factor involved!

Agribusiness is not for the faint hearted at all, there are alot of bumps and hurdles you have to learn before you learn the ropes. Then is when you need networking. Getting to meet people who are doing, have done or intend to do what you want to do helps majorly to broaden your ideas and gives you different ideologies and perspectives to approach the given agripreneurial venture that you intend to pursue. Networking grows your capacity and market understanding of the venture you intend to undertake.

The next time you register in that event, remember to indicate professional farmer as your title and walk tall and meet some more professional farmers! Chances are, you will learn alot form those already doing it and you will eventually be a networthy brand. I therefore extend my invite to you to attend our farm visit tour on 23rd January 2016, more details are found here

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