July 12, 2024


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Mount Kenya University aims at re-engineering agribusiness

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Mount Kenya University is holding a three-day agricultural research conference at Kitale campus. The vice-chancellor, Prof. Stanley Waudo will be the chief guest. The theme of the conference will be: Re-engineering agribusiness through innovation to achieve food security in line with vision 2030. The event has attracted delegates from Kenya, Europe, Israel, South Africa and Uganda. More than 60 academic papers will be presented during plenary sessions to be held at the Kitale club auditorium. The delegates will take time off to attend a field day the university has organized for the Kitale-based farmers and the general public.

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Key stakeholders in agriculture have been invited and allocated demonstration plots at the kwanza research farm to show case their technologies which can promote food security during the field day. Among the stakeholders include: Kenya seed company ltd, western seed company, ministry of livestock and fisheries, east African seed company ltd, KARI, ADC, Osho chemicals ltd, Amiran and ICIPE. The delegates will visit the farm after their deliberations. The main objective of the conference is:

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To show-case the latest technologies in crop and animal production to farmers in order to promote food security in the country.

To promote research activities in areas of crop and animal production.

To showcase research results and other experiences in agricultural knowledge innovation systems for development.

To provide a forum for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from different sectors to discuss issues in agricultural knowledge and innovation systems to farmers in the country.


“It is the intention of the university to offer opportunities for academicians to engage in academicdiscourse. So as to climb down from the academic tower, the intellectuals will participate in a field day where they will interact with farmers and members of the public. The university will continue supporting these kind of events and business clinics so as to enable local farmers to forge partnerships through which they shall exchange knowledge and experiences as they contribute to the realization of Kenya’s vision 2030,” says Prof Victoria Wulsin, Phd Chancellor. This international conference is being held at a time drought is expected to reduce wheat and maize production in the USA and a disease is expected to affect maize production adversely in Kenya. Mitigating the two crop production limiting factors drought and disease requires improvement in farming technologies. The conference will provide a forum for exchanging ideas on how to improve farming technologies and spreading knowledge on farming technologies that can sustain food production in spite of adverse environmental food production limiting factors.

– Source: http://www.hortinews.co.ke/

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