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Hydroponics nutrient solution for hydroponics in agriculture 1

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Hydroponics is soil less farming and involves giving plants just the amount of nutrients needed for to grow to maturity from seeds. It is a necessary technology since at the moment land is decreasing and water resources are diminishing all over the world. Most short plants especially vegetables can be grown using this technology.

Plants generally need the following nutrients for proper growth:  Nitrogen, Phosphorous, potassium, calcium and magnesium and in different proportions.


(source http://www.smart-fertilizer.com/)

A hydroponic solution should therefore have these nutrients in the recommended proportions so as enable effective plant growth.

The first steps to making the solution will involve a laboratory test of the water that you intend to use for making the solution. This will help determine the specific amounts of given components that you are going to add to it so that it becomes the hydroponic solution that you want it to become.

Lab results will take around 3 or 4 days and can be done in any government or private laboratory in Kenya depending on the workload.

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  1. Am eager to learn more and apply the technology in my small portion of land, how can I access you? and how much in average needed to start this kind of farming in terms of capital?

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