July 12, 2024


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Agricultural Markets:Some ideas Kenya can borrow form Algeria

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Algeria, a land where everything is sold in kilos and all kinds of fruits and vegetables including olives and figs are abundant, I noticed something Kenya could borrow to assist small holder farmers at least have a sustainable market for their produce.

Their farms are characterized by horses, german shepherds and abundance of olive, citron and fig trees, the Northern part enjoys the Mediterranean climate with all the four seasons but food is always in abundance whether in summer or winter.

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Their first achievement that Kenyan government can borrow is ensuring that there are closed markets for agricultural produce. This ensures cleanliness, everything including meat is sold in these food markets and at standard prices. There are no brokers and most farmers sell directly to consumers. Some markets involve the government in their transactions where small holder farmers sell to the government at standardized prices and the government sells to the consumers.

The second achievement is ensuring that every farmer owns a weighing scale. Anything you buy in these markets is weighed by a weighing scale and sold in Kilos. Be it vegetables, meat, cucumbers, name it. You buy it in Kilos.

With modern drip irrigation systems in the farm and a lot of subsidies from the government, a farmer in Algeria fully enjoys being a farmer , Something Kenyan small holder farmers only dream of. What would you want to learn about agriculture here? we can ask around for you, put it in the form below:



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