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Five reasons why you should take part in our site visit to Njoro in January:

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We have scheduled a farm site visit to Njoro on 23rd January 2016, this is mainly to show start up and experienced  farmers all over Kenya that there are other farmers  practicing agribusiness in very small portions of land but reaping big on the same. Here are the five main reasons that you should accompany us for this trip:

  1. What would you do with half an acre of land?  You will be surprised what Mr Kimani has done with his!
  2. Have you ever known how silk fowl, guinea fowl, and other ornamental birds being reared? Well its time to know.
  3. Ever seen a well maintained drip system in action? Its in his farm… plus intergrated dog farming
  4. Ever thought the relationship between dairy cows, energy (biogas) and chicken were related? Its time to learn
  5. Where else do you get company of like minded farmers with agribusiness focus for a full day? Come and make worthwhile networks…

We only have 9 seats left, come book yours. And whats more, you get to visit L. Nakuru in the afternoon and enjoy the afternoon breeze for free. Travel in cozy tourist vehicles at your comfort. Come and learn from farmers already  effectively implementing what you are thinking of.

>Click here for more info or call 0729586748


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8 thoughts on “Five reasons why you should take part in our site visit to Njoro in January:

  1. Wow!!! A first for me for the first time ie. integrated dog farming…… Pls clarify on the integrated dog farming issue lest we book and get disappointed.

    Then the Njoro issue; is it that we can’t get a model farm somewhere near Nairobi thus we have to sacrifice time and money going to Njoro? Unless the main objective, incognito Ofcourse, is the Lake Nakuru visit. Kindly clarify. Joel Mutiso aka Kapienga Agritech solutions 50

  2. Mr .Joel, Lake Nakuru is the last of priorities for the day and is mainly for networking and bonding. Our intention is to eventually create a network of physical farmers and not “facebook farmers”. this networked farmers will even after the visit be able to come up with solutions and share them, you will be surprised how much farmers know.
    Why Njoro: this is the farm we found which is not a show farm, not even a model farm, but a realistic agribusiness hub showcasing earning through both saving and returns from sales, a concept farmers need to understand practically from such visits.
    Dog farming? there are insights about dogs as a source of security and returns from direct sales that many farmers have never thought of exploiting. There is no harm in learning.

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