July 22, 2024


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FAO launches an online course on Improving Nutrition through Agriculture and Food Systems

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This course illustrates the linkages between agriculture, food systems and nutrition. Starting from two realistic scenarios, the course describes benefits and opportunities for integrating nutrition into food system policies, investments and programmes. It also provides a series of examples of nutrition-sensitive policies and interventions, as well as an overview of the main initiatives and commitment on nutrition on which learners can build to integrate nutrition in their work.


3 hours

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Course is available online, may be available also for download and CD-Rom order. Please login to see the options and take the course.



The course is designed to assist professionals from any fields related to agriculture and food systems (from inputs and production, through processing, storage, transport and retailing, to consumption) that are involved in shaping and implementing nutrition-sensitive programmes, investments and policies. This includes professionals working for development partners (i.e. international organizations, donor agencies, NGOs), for national governments or as independent consultants.


The course consists of 5 lessons, ranging from approximately 20 to 45 minutes duration each:

  • Lesson 1 Why does nutrition matter?
  • Lesson 2 How does the food system influence nutrition?
  • Lesson 3 Making agriculture and food systems nutrition-sensitive: key principles
  • Lesson 4 Making agriculture and food systems nutrition-sensitive: key interventions
  • Lesson 5 A conducive international environment for nutrition

Enjoy the course and keep sharing to support our initiative

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