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Dripsol Company (Drip Irrigation) features on the national paper once more

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Here is a full excerpt of Dripsol Company’s feature on Daily nation Pg 12 February 11th, 2017:

Twenty-nine-year-old, David Weru together with his partner George Kiambuthi, 28 currently run a successful drip irrigation kit installation company, Dripsol, which mainly targets smallholder farmers.

The former university-mates at Egerton University, both hail from Limuru and studied Water Engineering, graduating in 2013 with dreams of getting plum jobs in water engineering in the government.

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That wasn’t to be as after graduating, they both found themselves working as casual labourers in different drip irrigation installation firms.

“The hustling frustration was tangible then, as we only worked whenever there was enough work.

“When there wasn’t, we looked elsewhere to earn for the day, yet we still had bills to pay,” says David.

With some help from well-wishers and their sheer resilience, they set up their now growing enterprise.

Their company’s reception in the market is promising, going by the installations they have so far worked on in their short duration of existence.

The two also cultivate vegetables and onions for sale in their rural home in Limuru, and plan to cultivate the crops on largescale in Nanyuki.

“I believe the government is trying its best to provide employment for its youth, with the difficulty being the large number of youth entering the job market each year,” he says.

“Youth however have the option of getting into farming, which is equally well-paying.”

Many youthful graduates have in effect resorted to agribusiness from which they are making a livelihood, earning even more than they could from employment.

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  1. Limuru farm visit on 19th february refers. if one has own transport how much does one pay?

  2. Hello, Antonio, that visit was scheduled last year, we will inform you when we schedule another one

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