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Care for milking animals

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The routine of management practices like feeding and milking and caring should be followed  timely each day, being animals are more sensitive and  habitual to timing.

Feeding & watering: The adequate clean & fresh water should be provided. An adult dry cow drinks 30-32 liters of water per day besides it requires 4 liters of water for every liter of milk production. Also, the water consumption increases when air temperature rises.
Regular feeding for milk production in the right proportions.

Housing: Good housing is required for protecting animals from heat, rains and winds. Also, proper drainage, ventilation and exposure to sunlight must be there. These factors must be available in any type of housing chosen.

Cleaning & grooming: Cows should be kept clean both for clean milk production and health of animals, it requires daily brushing which removes, dirt and loose hair. The regular grooming helps to keep skin clean, helps for blood circulation.

Disease control: The prevention of disease & parasite infestation of the herd is most important. To achieve this, keep the sanitation by keeping the housing & other places clean and regularly disinfected. Many diseases are also prevented by timely vaccination.

Exercise: The cows should be provided free movement to give the needed exercise.

Milking: The udder and teals should be washed with warm water  and wiped to dry before milking . The milking should be conducted cleanly, gently, quietly, quickly and completely by suitable method of milking. It should be completed within optimum time period of seven minutes.


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