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Agrifi challenge fund- Funds available for agro-enterprises

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Agrifi Challenge fund is currently funding agro enterprises in Kenya. The Challenge Fund will run over three open calls, with a total time for the overall project at approximately 60 months. Each call will have the same operational structure, however with possible variations in criteria, number of projects etc. based on learnings from earlier calls and to ensure the project meets its overall objectives. Each call will be defined by a specific set of guidelines that will be endorsed by the Programme Steering Committee. The selection process will last 6 months from start to finish, with a 24-36 months for implementation, making each call approximately 36 months on average.

The first call for proposals targets to award Euro 6 million to 15 projects in total at an average of Euro 375,000 per project.

The window for applications for the first call for proposals opened on 24th October 2018 and will be open for 30 days.

Application Process
  • Download call guidelines and questions from the AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund website. (The questions are meant to provide guidance only, applications should not be made on this form.)
  • Register and start application in AfriCUBE
  • Fill all required details on the application form
  • Submit project concept note on AfriCUBE

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