July 17, 2024


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Review of Agricultural news from Africa: April 2021

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Africa-related agricultural news for April 2021. A review of what you may have missed. From new agricultural related agreements to bankers tuned farmers.

Here is a review of what happened in the agricultural sector in Africa in April 2021:

  1. PAFO and AGRA sign a memorandum of understanding to support smallholder farmers. AGRA plans to support farmer organizations to drive policy advocacy. See more here

2. AGRA Re-affirms Support to Malawi in Achieving an Inclusive Agricultural Transformation: See more here

3. African countries commit to double agricultural productivity. Development banks and partners pledge over $17 billion to increase food security. See more here

4. Banker-turned-poultry farmer becomes champion for African agriculture. See more here

5. World Bank Provides $375 Million to Boost Efforts Towards Realizing the Full Potential of Pastoralism in the Sahel. See more here

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6. Report: International Nonprofit TechnoServe Helped Farmers, Entrepreneurs, and Workers Earn Additional $188 Million in 2020. Improving the Lives of 1.3 Million People. See more here

7. Sweden and TechnoServe Launch New Partnership Worth 36 Million SEK ($4 Million) to Support Zambia’s Food Processors. See more here

8. Root and Tuber Crops Conference & Trade Fair. A Focus on the Cassava Value Chain happening in Nairobi Kenya in June. See more here

9. Fresh bid to train Africa’s agriculture leaders. See more here. And lastly,

10. 2021 Global Food Policy Report finds lessons from COVID crisis for reducing inequities and enhancing the resilience of food systems. See more here

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