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Why Njoro farming experiece visit turned out to be one of a kind!

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January 23rd 2016  was a day to remember for the more than twenty five farmers who visited Mr. Kimani’s farm. They all found reason to intensify and diversify in the kind of farming that they do.

First was the comfortable ride to the farm in the morning, the anxiety of  meeting new people could be seen all over. interesting enough, one of the participants brought the organizer a present (thanks Mrs. Dorothy). on reaching the farm, the entourage was briefed and learning started immediately.

Second,  there was the insightful talk and demo by Mr. Dominic Wanjihia from Flexi Biogas, the economics of its use and effects in the environment. It was interesting to note that for 46,000ksh one can get s biogas system set up in their farm in only three hours!

Then there was the drip irrigation part by Dripsol Company, It sparked a great discussion amongst the farmers, question from design to installations were well tackled as Mr. David Weru explained in details on the best maintenance practices. Interesting to note, one can get drip irrigation installed at their arm by Dripsol Company at any time they wish and at an affordable cost.

Mr. Kimani gladly oriented all the farmers through his farm, Explaining in details the return on investment on each specific farm enterprise he has. The lessons ranged form ornamental birds, dogs, poultry, dairy cows, horticultural farming to silage making.

It was definitely a day worth looking back, the lessons were invaluable. not forgetting the delicious lunch at Njoro country club. We look forward to our next farm visit  in Makindu where we are going to learn more about sustainable drip irrigation and solar pumping systems.

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