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14 measures for prevention of contagious deseases in animals

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General Measures for Prevention of Contagious Diseases in animals

  1. 1-Identification and isolation of infected,-rd in contact animal.

  2.  2-Treatment of’ affected animals

  3. 3-Slaughter of animals suffering from incurable diseases.

  4. 4-Disposal of Dead animals either burning or deep burial.

  5. 5-Destroy contaminant fodder by burning.

  6. 6-Proper disposal of contaminated water.

  7. 7-Regular cleaning and disinfection of cattle shed and its premises.

  8. 8-Restrict the movement of animals from affected to clean area.

  9. 9-Don’t allow animals to drink water from ponds, rivers etc. during out break of disease.

  10. 10-Close animal markets, cattle shows etc. during outbreak of disease.

  11. 11-Regular spraying of insecticide to control external parasites.

  12. 12-Regular de-worming to control internal parasites.

  13. 13-Avoid stress associated with along distance transportation, inclement weather and under nutrition

  14. 14-Provide adequate ventilation and sufficient space.

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